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Hi, I’m Stephanie Cannon, the owner and luxury travel advisor behind SC Travel Design. At SC Travel Design, I work with clients who refuse to let life’s special moments pass them by.
Together, we create unforgettable travel experiences to celebrate their major milestones and hard-earned successes … travel experiences that connect them to their loved ones, the incredible world around them, and to the most joyous parts of themselves.
Like a Michelin-starred chef, I’ll present you with a curated menu of options, so you can trust that you’re only choosing from the best of the best.
(As opposed to flipping page after page of a never-ending diner menu — that’s what it’s like trying to plan a special vacation using just the internet!).
So, what do you say?
Ready for a taste of stress-free travel — with a depth of flavor that connects you to something way bigger than yourself?
Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or other milestone — or you’re just ready to take that big bucket-list trip with your loved ones — I’d be honored to make your travel experience truly worth savoring — I’d be honored to make your travel experience truly worth savoring.